Thursday, June 16, 2011

I&A June Update, July topics

I&A's June issue is being finalized today and tomorrow and should begin to be distributed on Saturday.

July topics are shaping up as follows:
Air Defense: Azerbaijan
Facility Analysis: The PN port in Karachi
Tech Notes: A new IADS classification methodology

More content will be incorporated into the July issue as soon as I decide what to include.


Anonymous said...

Wont you include the topics like chineese naval power, russian abm?

Ika said...

It is monday here and i didn't yet receive the pdf. Did it distribute yet?

Sean O'Connor said...

Those topics are included, the ones listed here are for NEXT month.

Also, no, they didn't go out, there was a problem with the PDF conversion. I'm regenerating the graphics from the Chinese SAM Network feature as a result, they'll go out today or tomorrow.

ika said...

can you please give an aprox eta in zulu time as i live in a different timezone

Matthias said...

Sean, how can i subscribe for your PDF mag?

John said...


I didn't recieved the new PDF yet.
do you still have problems with your PDF conversion

With Regards