Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I&A September Update, Other Notes

I&A's September issue has seen a few content changes to accomodate some things I've had going on around here, and is still on schedule to go out by the end of this week.

Here are the current topics being finalized:

-Current Events: The ex-Varyag goes to sea (and the implications thereof)
-Air Defense: China's Airborne Surveillance Platforms (a contributor piece, you'll get a charge out of this one!)
-Tech Notes: The RVV-BD (Russia's new BVR AAM, complete with fun graphics)
-Historical Perspective: China's Type 094 Force (assessing the force strength)

The October issue is still going to be Russian-centric. It will feature an air defense overview (including space surveillance and the fighter force), a nuclear forces overview (including bombers and SSBNs), facility analyses of Sary Shagan and Zhukovskiy (moved from September), and a historical look at former ICBM sites. The first two articles are already in progress, and will not be small!

In other news, expect a SAM Site Overview update to be posted later this week. Over 80 new sites have been incorporated, making this the largest update of the year by far.

Lastly, I am getting repeat requests for I&A subscriptions. If you think you've already subscribed, make sure you are checking your spam folder when I announce that the issue has gone out. Your e-mail provider might think I&A is spam since it is a mass e-mailing. Rest assured I add everyone who subscribes, so the problem shouldn't (in theory) be at my end.


Anonymous said...

I Can not wait. sounds very good

Anonymous said...


I just want to say thank your for your publications. You must put a lot of your time in this.



Ika said...

I hope by "charge" you don't mean that we would have to pay for it :(

Sean O'Connor said...

You will NEVER have to pay for I&A. I'd have to pay so much money for the right to publish the imagery that I'd never make anything anyway!

Anonymous said...

Btw the funny bit about t-50 is that you have the same stations for the izd 180 (mraam) and rvv-bd and kh58ukshk

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind a brief IMINT analysis of Russia's military shipyards.