Saturday, January 26, 2008

Current Developments


Just a quick note to keep you all informed on the current goings-on related to this site and its content.


As online subscribers have no doubt discovered, Jane's Missiles & Rockets has two articles in their February print edition featuring the work of this website. In "Iran may have lined up S-300 SAM systems", my work detailing Iran's air defense network is discussed. "China deploys KS-1A SAM" is a report detailing my discovery of the first KS-1A SAM site in China, featured first on this blog a month ago. Hopefully I can contribute more to Jane's and other industry-related publications in the future.


The next three articles for this site are being prepared, and they are going to take a little bit of time, so bear with me. The most extensive is going to be an analysis of China's air defense network, with a good deal of future projection mixed in. Special attention will be given to air defenses along the Taiwan Strait. The other two articles are going to be a feature on Russian space surveillance facilities (inspired by my recent discovery of the Far East Krona site in Google Earth) and an analysis of the impact of the S-300PT in Iranian service.


The SAM Site .kmz file for Google Earth is still updated on a regular basis whenever I have enough new locations to warrant uploading a new file. I am also looking at developing a document based on that data, something along the lines of a guide to worldwide SAM systems broken down by nation, and featuring location data and information on the numbers and types of individual components at each location.

THE S-300P

I am still preparing what should be the definitive look at the S-300P SAM system, to replace an earlier article on this site, as well as numerous other things. Smaller-scope articles will still be posted as time permits, but my current primary focus is on the Chinese article, so bear with me if the site appears stagnant for a week or so.


As always, comments are welcome and encouraged. I'd encourage visitors to post a comment to this thread to suggest ideas for future articles as well.


Lamrani said...

I recently found out about your site and I have to say I am very impressed. Please do continue the good work.

I have a suggestion for a future article. Is it possible to do a SAM network analysis on North Korea similar to those that you already have on Iran and Syria?

Sean O'Connor said...

Both North Korea and Russia will be done at some point in the future when enough of the obvious gaps have been filled in with higher resolution imagery. That way I can make sure there are or aren't AD sites in some areas where I think they should be based on current deployment strategies.

Feng said...

hey Sean, I've read some rumours that China has sold KS-1A to Iran. Have you seen evidences of that from the GE pictures?

Sean O'Connor said...

I haven't seen any evidence of the KS-1A being in Iran. The HQ-2 sites still hold HQ-2 batteries, and the unoccupied sites still remain unaltered to support any new equipment.

If you ask me, they're better off trying to acquire S-300P family systems anyway, they can use fewer systems to cover a larger piece of airspace, or throw a few sites in close proximity to each other to really start getting into the airspace denial business, albeit on a small scale.

Anonymous said...

With regard to your piece on Russian space surveillance sites, I'd urge you to see if you can get a handle on the optical surveillance site "Okno-S". It's supposed to be in the general vicinity of Nakhodka, on Gora Lysaya (Bald Mountain). There are three mountains of the name in the vicinity, but I think it's probably the one near 44.8 N, 131.7 E

Presumably it will bear some resemblance to the original Okno site near Nurek in Tajikstan.

Sean O'Connor said...

I'll see what I can come up with, but no promises on that one. The issue is that most of the area up there is in low resolution so it may be hard to accurately locate. But if I can find it, I'll be sure to include it. It'll at least be mentioned regardless.

Anonymous said...

(This is anonymous again.)

And when you check out the Krona space surveillance radar site in the Caucasus, take a look at the large unfinished area 4 km to the southeast. I think it might belong to Military Unit (VCh/FPN) 2011, the Border Directorate of the local FSB. Probably nothing having to do with space surveillance, but perhaps interesting in its own right.

Mark Pyruz said...

Sean, looking forward to your analysis of the S-300PT in service with Iran's IRGC air defense units. Perhaps a peak at IRIAF AFBs would also be helpful:

Mehrabad TFB.1
Nojeh TFB.3 (near Hamedan)
Bandar Abbas TFB.9
Vahdati AB (near Dezful)
Hor TFB.7 (near Shiraz)
Tabriz AB
Bushehr TFB.6
Chabahar TFB.10

JohnDoe said...

Great job Sean!

i have a suggestion for a future article too..the Turkish SRBM capabilities and facilities could be used deployment