Saturday, January 22, 2011

IMINT & Analysis via PDF

IMINT & Analysis is moving to a monthly, PDF-based system. The new format will entail the monthly distribution of a PDF publication featuring numerous articles of interest. Topics covered will include:

-Latest analysis of military systems development and deployment
-Imagery-based analysis of:
--Worldwide SAM Network overviews
--Strategic Warfare Systems
--Military Facilities
--Various other topics warranting an imagery-based analysis
-Historical analysis of military systems deployment and/or development
-Updates to features previously posted online
-Links to pertinent or interesting source material online

The PDF format will enable the use of far more editing and formatting options than the limited system used online, and allow for the inclusion of more extensive analytical pieces with greater ease.

The current goal is for the premiere issue to be published in mid-February 2011, containing a representative sampling of topics leading to the first full issue's dissemination in the first week of March of 2011. Corresponding issues will be produced on a monthly basis, with mailings taking place during the first week of each month.

Individuals or organizations interested in subscribing to the IMINT & Analysis PDF format should do the following:

-Send an e-mail to imintandanalysis AT
-Enter Subscribe PDF in the subject line
-At this time, US .gov and .mil addresses will be denied subscription to the service. Queries can be directed to the e-mail address above, but do not enter "Subscribe PDF" in the subject line to ensure a timely reply.
-Non-US readers may subscribe, but bear in mind that the product will be produced in the English language.

Individuals wishing to serve as monthly, annual, or recurring contributors are asked to send an e-mail to the address provided above with "Contributor" in the subject line to open discussions regarding the type and frequency of content. Content is not required to be in the form of imagery-based analysis provided it serves the interest of the readers, relating to a relevant military analysis issue.

E-mail addresses will not be released to any outside party, and products will be mailed to subscribers using a blind copy to preserve privacy.

Some Changes Being Made

Some of you might have figured out that there hasn't been an update since last year! Well, apart from either getting stuck in weather or having to get organized to start teaching and going back to class, I've been working out a few changes around here.

First off, no SAM Site Update yet, because there's apparently been no Google Earth imagery update yet this year. Nowhere new to go snooping around, you know how it is.

Second, I'm working on moving from web publishing to PDF publishing via a subscription system. No, it won't cost anything, I know what you were thinking there. This is going to basically entail a monthly publication via PDF format, distributed using a mailing list. More to follow on this later, but basically you'll still get the standard monthly content, just in an easier to read format. The thin-style Blogger format is getting old, and I'm getting more adept with the PDF thing. This will work just like the SAM Site Overview mailing list worked a while ago when I was having download issues. Certain things will still be published here, certain things will show up in the monthly PDF file. As a result you'll notice that a lot of things are being pulled from this site to undergo updating and PDF formatting. I think the end result will be a far more polished product, one that you can more easily retain for future reference.

Third and final, I'll be uploading a text-based piece analyzing the J-20 from a rather different perspective, either today or tomorrow, whenever I get it finalized. See, I haven't just been sitting here watching you all visit the site and wondering where the updates are! I'll also upload details for the mailing list/subscription thing shortly so I can start building the address list, in anticipation of getting something out for February.

Questions or comments, post 'em in the Comments section below.