Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I&A PDF Launched

The first issue of the new I&A PDF monthly publication is in the process of being distributed to subscribers! Once I finish entering the latest batch of subscribers to the mailing list, everything will be finished and cleared for launch.

All the topics mentioned yesterday made it into the issue. Some are a bit longer, some are a bit shorter, but expect the content to expand in the coming months now that I've figured out a preliminary layout and method of presentation. This first example was all about getting the kinks out of the system and allowing a bit of time for the mailing list to populate, so it should be vastly improved with #2!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Brief Update

Just a quick update. I've been busy preparing the first PDF edition for release, and working on a few other info requests. The contents of the first PDF edition, to be distributed within the next few days, are as follows:

-Feature Overview
-I&A, What Is It?
-Tech Notes: The J-20's Real Impact
-Current Events: The J-20 In Imagery
-Air Defense: Nagorno-Karabakh
-Historical Perspective: Analysis Over Time
-February 2011 Links
-February 2011 Sources
-February 2011 What Is It?

Beyond that, I do have an updated SAM Site Overview file to upload here as soon as the initial PDF issue has been distributed. One interesting new location is an S-300V deployment near Vladivostok in the Russian Far East.

All for now!