Saturday, April 16, 2011

I&A April 2011

The April PDF is in the process of being distributed. I have now found a whole new problem: GMail limits the number of messages I can send in a 24 hour period. So, about half of the subscribers got it today, and about half of you will have to wait until tomorrow. Next month I will try and figure out how to do this using YET ANOTHER method, to get around GMail's rule. Someone suggested Google Groups as an option, that may work but may be a bit irritating to have to deal with multiple Google whatsits just to send out a web link. If you've got any ideas, let me know. I can't simply host the PDF file here or release it for open download through Google Docs as it'd evaporate my bandwidth limit in about 0.2 seconds.

Anyway, here's what the April issue ended up containing:

-Current Events: The Libyan Lesson
-Air Defense: The S-300P/S-400
-Air Defense: Contact Line (Contributor Feature)
-Strategic Warfare: War of the Weird
-Historical Analysis: SAM Modernization in China
-Facility Analysis: Fukushima (Contributor Feature)
-Reading List: Military Classics
-April 2011 Links, Source List, and What Is It?
-April 2011 KML file

All for now. Back to trying to figure out GMail.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Falcon Missile

A while ago I mentioned that I was working on a history of the Hughes Falcon missile family. Well, after about a decade or so of (gradual) research and writing, I now have a finished product.

Anyone interested in this facet of Cold War history can download the PDF file here: click

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April I&A PDF Update

Just a brief update regarding the April I&A PDF. The S-300P feature looks to be longer than the March issue all by itself! As for Current Events, I decided to actually look at Libya, but from a different perspective. The Current Events feature will focus on the need for nations like Syria and Iran to upgrade their IADS after witnessing how easily the UN forces took down Libya's network.

Furthermore, I&A will feature its first two contributor-authored pieces in April. These will consist of a current look at Nagorno-Karabakh in light of some recent political developments, and an analysis ofthe damage to the Fukushima reactor complex in Japan. Hopefully these will be the first of many contributor-authored pieces!