Monday, April 6, 2009

SAM Site Overview Mailing List

I've figured out how to solve the amusing problem of the SAM Site Overview constantly not being available for download. From this point forward, the file will not be available for download. Instead, anyone interested in receiving the updated file when changes are made should send an e-mail to, with SAM SITE UPDATE in the subject line. I will create a mailing list and send everyone the file when it is altered. I will still post the update information here in the normal fashion, but you'll get the file in your inbox instead of from a download link. All you need to do is make sure you can receive a file that is around 6 megabytes in size. This will solve the problems we've been having, and it'll give me an idea of how many people are using the file as well. Those of you who have been sending me updates or questions and whatnot at my other e-mail address, continue using that address for those purposes. All I want to use the above address for is managing the SAM site file mailing list. When the file is updated next, I'll also include these instructions in the main post as well, but go ahead and send me your information now so I can start building the mailing list. This should take care of our problem, and save the download bandwidth for the (considerably smaller) placemark files which are provided with some of my articles. Those of you interested in receiving the current SAM Site Overview file now should send me an e-mail at the above address with SAM SITE FILE in the subject line. I'll then send you the current file, and I'll still add you to the mailing list for updates.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Download Issues, Etc.

Alright, people have been mentioning that the SAM Site Overview file is often not available for download. Apparently, because it's a nearly 6MB file and everyone wants it, Google disables it at times due to bandwidth restriction limits being exceeded. Or something. If anyone knows of a better way to make the file available, let me know. Post a comment on this here or e-mail me. This was the best option last time I decided to host the file outside of the Google Earth/Keyhole BBS, but apparently I need a new solution. I'd like to avoid something like Rapidshare where I have to generate a whole new download link each time I update the file if possible. Any suggestions are welcome!

Also, if you haven't figured it out with yesterday's update to the aforementioned troublesome SAM site file, I'm back up and running for the time being, although there will be another (announced) "service outage" in a month or two when I get around to actually finishing up the find a job, move the house process. I'll post the usual Image of the Week this Friday, and we'll go from there. I'm back at work on some more substantial pieces as well, so expect more of the good stuff in the very near future.