Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Change of Plans

Alright, I've given this some more thought and decided to remove the separate page for Google Earth files. Instead, they will be hosted there but posted here to keep everything on one site for ease of use. The only thing that will really change is that when I upload placemark files, the information will be posted here along with the download link. To make them easy to find, I'll tag them all with the label "Google Earth Placemark". To find all the posts containing such files, just select that label from the list in the menu area on the right side of the page. This will be better for everyone because you'll only need to keep track of one website and I'll only have to produce textual updates for one site as well. A basic placeholder page will remain at the old link but you will no longer find anything amusing over there.


Galrahn said...

Since no one has reminded you lately, I will.

What your doing with this blog is excellent work. Creative, inventive, smart, and educational.

Keep up the good work.

Sean O'Connor said...

Thanks for the ego boost! Starting next week I should have more time to post more frequent updates thanks to a relaxed schedule for the rest of the summer.