Monday, April 6, 2009

SAM Site Overview Mailing List

I've figured out how to solve the amusing problem of the SAM Site Overview constantly not being available for download. From this point forward, the file will not be available for download. Instead, anyone interested in receiving the updated file when changes are made should send an e-mail to, with SAM SITE UPDATE in the subject line. I will create a mailing list and send everyone the file when it is altered. I will still post the update information here in the normal fashion, but you'll get the file in your inbox instead of from a download link. All you need to do is make sure you can receive a file that is around 6 megabytes in size. This will solve the problems we've been having, and it'll give me an idea of how many people are using the file as well. Those of you who have been sending me updates or questions and whatnot at my other e-mail address, continue using that address for those purposes. All I want to use the above address for is managing the SAM site file mailing list. When the file is updated next, I'll also include these instructions in the main post as well, but go ahead and send me your information now so I can start building the mailing list. This should take care of our problem, and save the download bandwidth for the (considerably smaller) placemark files which are provided with some of my articles. Those of you interested in receiving the current SAM Site Overview file now should send me an e-mail at the above address with SAM SITE FILE in the subject line. I'll then send you the current file, and I'll still add you to the mailing list for updates.


Mongo said...

Have you thought about creating a torrent for it? That way you could just post the link for the torrent on your website instead of having to email to everyone who asks for it.

RAJ47 said...

pl add me to the SAM file mailing list.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm new viewer of your blog, i'd like to ask abt the other files (missile defense and russian aviation). How can i get them? mailing list too? Thank you!

Sean O'Connor said...

Those files are considerably smaller and are still available here for download. The missile defense file and the Russian Aviation file are over in the menu on the right, and you can click on "Google Earth Placemarks" in the label section to find any post which has an associated file to download as well.