Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I&A PDF Launched

The first issue of the new I&A PDF monthly publication is in the process of being distributed to subscribers! Once I finish entering the latest batch of subscribers to the mailing list, everything will be finished and cleared for launch.

All the topics mentioned yesterday made it into the issue. Some are a bit longer, some are a bit shorter, but expect the content to expand in the coming months now that I've figured out a preliminary layout and method of presentation. This first example was all about getting the kinks out of the system and allowing a bit of time for the mailing list to populate, so it should be vastly improved with #2!

1 comment:

MT said...


Thank you for all your good quality work over the years. I appretiate your latest project to publish new articles in a PDF-format rather than as blog-posts as this makes it easier to save data for future reading.

Having said that i do wonder if you intend to continue publishing updates to the SAM-site overview in .KMZ-form. In my opinion I would greatly appreciate if you did since I belive that this is one of your most valuble products. Furhtermore I belive that by publishing the .KMZ-file you provide refrence to the raw data underling many of your analysises and thus provide proof and greater credibility to your conculsions.