Monday, March 21, 2011

Other Updates

Here's a few other relevant updates:

1. For the time being, Libyan SAM systems will remain in the SAM Site Overview file. Yes, most of them have probably been obliterated by now. But, my policy has always been to base the file on available overhead imagery, not speculation. As newer post-strike imagery filters into Google Earth, Terra Server, and other online sources, I'll adjust the sites in the file accordingly. Given Google's quick release of GeoEye imagery relating to the crisis in Japan, that may happen sooner rather than later.

2. Here are the forthcoming topics for the April issue of the I&A PDF:

Current Events: undecided at this point. Will not deal with Libya as the issue has been dealt with extensively here, and frankly it won't be truly current by the mid-April release date anymore.
Air Defense: The S-300P/S-400 This is an expanded, updated version of this feature.
Historical Perspective: SAM Modernization in China A chronological look at the modernization of China's SAM network as newer systems became available through import or native development.
Strategic Warfare: War of the Weird Presenting a look at two thoroughly different development paths intended to field a survivable cruise missile during the latter stages of the Cold War. This will compare and contrast the US SENIOR PROM and the USSR's Meteorit.
Reading List: Military Classics Self-explanatory, really. I'll be providing an overview of selected military classics such as Clausewitz's On War, Guderian's Achtung! Panzer, and others.

The obligatory Links, Sources, and What Is It? features will also appear. If you wish to subscribe:

-Send an e-mail to imintandanalysis AT
-Enter Subscribe PDF in the subject line
-Non-US readers may subscribe, but bear in mind that the product will be produced in the English language.

3. What's missing from the last time I posted subsription info? US .gov and .mil e-mail addresses may now subscribe to the service. In order to do this, enter Subscribe PDF MIL in the subject line of your e-mail. I'm going to try this out by keeping a separate mailing list. One of the reasons these addresses were initially "banned" was because I used to have one! Often e-mail links were deleted and certain websites could not be acessed, potentially preventing a subscriber from a) receiving the download link or b) accessing the download site. By keeping them separate, I can try this out and then manage a separate distribution system should it be required (currently Google Documents is used, and I have no clue if a .gov or .mil user would be able to access the site). Plus, by doing this now, the major influx of initial subscriber e-mails has already been processed, saving me the trouble of having to sift through hundreds of e-mails.

Lastly, welcome to all of the new readers here. As various media outlets and websites linked to the Libyan analysis pieces, site traffic has exploded over the last four days, resulting in a month's worth of traffic since Friday. Even more amusing is the #1 search result for Libyan NFZ in Google!


Anonymous said...

Can't w8 for the s300p/s400 analysys. Will here be a separate s300v one too? Or will it be incorporated into the general s300 one?

Sean O'Connor said...

The S-300V will be briefly mentioned as they all started out as the same program, but won't be covered in detail. At some point I may do the S-300V and S-300F/FM as an additional, separate piece.

Dimitris said...

Hey Sean,

Is there any chance to save older snapshots of the SAM list somewhere? Historical locations of SAM & EW sites are particularly useful to wargame scenario designers.

Ika said...

Is it also possible to create a 1989 overview of the airfields, aircraft on them as well as sam and ew sites in the germany (and bordering checkoslovakia parts) for the late cold war turning ww3? This will greatly help the wargaming, especially the first surprise air strikes modeling.

Sean O'Connor said...

What exactly are you looking for? Send me an e-mail and I might be able to work something out.

The DDR SAM feature from August of 2008 has all of the DDR and USSR SAM sites.

ika said...

btw on what date is the aprill release to be expected?

Sean O'Connor said...

I've been pushing them out around the 15th of the month.

Ika said...

Is it possible to publish old material in a single pdf before that date? As it will take you quite a while to redo it all in separate publications, so a lot of stuff wont be accessable for quite some time.

Ika said...

Or is it possible to get the pre feb/march issues?

Anonymous said...

Sean you're doing an awesome job using OSINT to map ADS... Ironically I did the same thing 20 years ago, in gov't, and disseminated the products via email (a brand new thing in govt at the time), and got no end of abuse from the "real" intel folks who didn't like it one bit. Keep up the great work!