Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I&A May Update and June Topics

I&A's May PDF is being finalized and will begin to be distributed on Wednesday. The text is complete, right now I'm annotating and inserting imagery. There's been one change: the Soviet/Russian ABM piece has been pushed back to the June issue. I was basically faced with the choices of rushing it and not really doing anything substantial, or pushing it back to allow it to be fully developed. Fortunately one of I&A's contributors submitted an article on Armenian air defenses to replace the ABM piece, so the overall content of the May issue will not suffer.

The June issue is shaping up nicely (and will be released on time and on target around the 15th of June) and should feature the following topics:

Current Events: Chinese Naval Air Power developments
Air Defense: China's Strategic SAM Network
Strategic Warfare: Soviet/Russian ABM Systems
Historical Perspective: undecided for now
Software Review: Google Earth
Reading List: Resources for the IMINT Analyst
And the usual extra bits.

Some of you might ask why I'm doing a software review of Google Earth, a program that should at this point be well known to everyone. The reason for doing Google Earth first is to establish a baseline for comparison. In the future I'll start reviewing and examining some other programs and tools, and being able to compare them to Google Earth will make their usefulness and unique features far more apparent. Plus, evaluating a well-known program first will allow me to focus more on the format and content of the Software Analysis piece, making future entries that much easier to generate.


Ika said...

By chinese naval airpower do you mean the su33 clone and tu16 clone?

Sean O'Connor said...

...and the ASBM developments, and the carrier mockup, and the carrier air wing training facility...it'll be significantly longer than the other Current Events pieces. It could be a separate feature in its own right, but doing it this way allows me to fill the Current Events spot. Yes, I'm cheating. It happens.

Saad said...

How can we subscribe to this particular PDF from you?

Sean O'Connor said...

Follow the instructions here:


I've meant to be posting those every time I mention the next month's topics.

Ika said...

Btw do you really think ben laden elimination is that important? I thought there was a decentralised regional structure?

Ika said...

Err btw there is no feature on the chinese i believe :( only 23 pages with osb asasination article, armenia iads and pakistanian nukes articles. :(

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Sean O'Connor said...

The China stuff is coming in the June issue. OBL was certainly relevant and important, but like I said, the war is certainly not over.

Rex Brynen said...

In terms of interesting stuff, this might be something worth mentioning: http://www.satsentinel.org/sites/default/files/SSP%208%20Abyei%20Invasion%20report%20and%20fact%20sheet%20-%20lowres%20052511.pdf