Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July/August PDF updates

The July I&A PDF is being finalized right now and will begin distribution tomorrow afternoon. I'm basically working through the issue adding placemarks to the supplementary KMZ file right now.

August topics in the works so far are as follows:

-Facility Analysis: the Tabriz silo complex (far more detailed than what was presented in March)
-Software Review: SpaceEye
-Historical Perspective: Former Warsaw Pact nation SAM Sites
-Air Defense: Taiwan, maybe? The DPRK? Any other ideas?

More will be added as the process continues, but apart from the Tabriz piece and maybe the AD piece don't expect a gigantic amount of content. The idea is to actually get back on the "release these around the 15th of the month" schedule.

I'm also planning ahead for October, which I've decided will be a Russian-themed issue. That one will have a Facility Analysis of Sary Shagan, the Russian SAM Network, and the RVSN all in one gigantoid issue. I will probably keep the Russian SAM Network in October, updating it each year, with a different significant Facility Analysis.


ika said...

can you please make a bit on the s300v and s500 families?

Sean O'Connor said...

Both of those will be done at some point. The S-300V will probably get done first, just because I'd like to wait for a bit more info on the S-500 to surface.

ika said...

i am afraid there wont be much more data on the s500 any time soon (more than the renders they have already shown) in the open access.

ika said...

also it might be nice to talk about integrated air defence (ie the medium range sam like bukM2 for point defence and su30 family planes in the area defence) concepts, especially for the countries in south east asia, as china has recently has expressed quite a lot of interest in that direction

Sean O'Connor said...

One thing I'm working on is a re-thinking of the way an IADS is classified and categorized. Don't know when it'll be done as this is going to be a pretty extensive process, but some of the reasoning behind why is in the July PDF. If I can get this sorted out, then you'll see the SAM Network pieces expanded to represent true IADS pieces.

Sean O'Connor said...

On a related note, July's I&A has now gone out to all subscribers.