Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November/December I&A, Future Plans

The November I&A has begun to filter out to subscribers. Expect to find it in your inbox today or tomorrow.

The December I&A will feature numerous topics related to the PLA, similar to what was seen in October for Russia. Topics being worked on so far incldue the following:

-The PLA's 2nd Artillery
-PLA Ballistic Missile Launch Sites
-The PLAN's SSBN Force
-Current Chinese SAM Developments
-Iranian Ghadir SSC Production

Once the December issue goes out to subscribers, I will make the 11 issues completed to date available for download here, along with the KML files distributed with each issue. I'll also post a list of the complete contents of each issue.


Doug in Dispatch said...


Sean O'Connor said...

Seen it (the entire report). Not buying it. Will be referenced in December.

Oh crap it is December, I should probably start working!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

I signed up for the analysis but have not received it. I have also checked my spam, but nothing from you.

Do you know how soon the new subscribers will receive the report?

Many thanks for what you are doing.

Sean O'Connor said...

New issues go out around the 15th of the month. I post here when they are sent out.

Anonymous said...


Have you published any material on the Voronezh-DM in Kaliningrad region? I tried a search but didn't see any.

Great work on the articles and the site. Keep it up!


Jack said...

Sean: Could you please repost the material on "Soviet and Russian Nuclear Weapons Complexes"? Looking forward to reviewing and commenting on it.

Jack said...

Any chance the the Georgetown U. report on China's nuclear program will be posted on the net?

Sean O'Connor said...

JJ - not yet, but I know where it is.

Jack - a lot of that, covering storage sites, went into I&A's October issue. What was left out basically amounted to the stuff on the 10 Closed Cities where they made bombs.

Sean O'Connor said...

Oh, and I do have the Georgetown document, but it's way too big to post here. It's about 350 MB or so. I address a lot of their conclusions in the December I&A article covering the 2nd Artillery Corps. Which, incidentially, should go out by the end of the week.