Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I&A December

I&A's December issue will start to go out tomorrow. If you got an e-mail tonight, Google Documents did something weird and I managed to re-send everyone the November issue.

Oops. Sorry about that!

I did at least manage to send everyone the right KML file.


The correct download link just went out to the first set of subscribers. Everyone else will get the download link and the KML file tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Chinese Missile article in Dec Issue!
BTW: You once found the northern Saudi Arabia missile Base (just SE of Tabuk)
Have a look at Yahoo maps! Also good for Say Shagan!
Cheers + merry X-mas!
Bernd Reuter

Sean O'Connor said...

Fixed a problem with the distro (plus, I was off on vacation and failed to notice the issue). Everyone now has the link for December.