Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jan/Feb I&A

Just sent out the first e-mail with the download links to the first I&A for 2012. Apologies for the delays, there were numerous factors involved including a bit more work to deal with, as in the kind that actually results in me getting paid.

If you didn't get the e-mail today, you'll get it tomorrow or Thursday. I have to break it up over three days now due to Gmail's daily limits to prove I'm not a spambot. One change: the link to download the previous month's issue will appear here when the next month goes out. Also, you can download the entire 2011 back catalog here: click

So, we're back now for 2012. Normal operations will resume from this point forward. Now I suppose I need to update the SAM Site Overview file, right?


Snakeye said...

And you will have a lot to update, due to this month's massive update.

Thanks for your efforts, and please do get paid! We don't mind waiting.

Anonymous said...

First I&A for 2012, page 13.

Identification of S-400 batteries relies on
examination of assigned TELs. The S-400’s
5P85TM TEL is approximately 49 meters? (must be in feet) in
length. The 5P85T TEL employed by the S-
300PM (SA-20A GARGOYLE) is approximately
44 meters? (must be in feet) in length.

Sean O'Connor said...

Gah! TYPO! I'll edit it, the corrected copy will be available here next month.

Want to know why this is funny? I had to stop and fix where I got the two confused in the DF-31 article. I didn't think to go back and re-examine the S-400 piece!