Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 2012 I&A

The May 2012 I&A is being distributed.  And there was much rejoicing.  As is usual, this will take a few days.  The first people on the list will get the e-mail today, everyone else either tomorrow or Thursday.

Here's the link to download the January 2012 issue.  Whenever a new one is released to subscribers, I'll make the previous issue available here.

One thing I forgot:  I'll be deleting people from the subscription list as I get messages from various servers saying that the e-mail couldn't be delivered.  The most common occurrences are 1) your inbox is full, or 2) the e-mail address is no longer valid.  So if you think you should be getting the message but haven't seen one by Friday, then 1) check your spam box, I get booted there sometimes, or 2) send me a new subscription request with an e-mail that's actually valid!


Alien said...

Thank you for "Area 51" review as i was considering reading that

Anonymous said...

Great job with the SR-71 book review. I have Crickmore's 2010 Beyond the Secret Missions book and it has a lot of detail on operations in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. Do the two recent "Operations" books by Crickmore offer anything more than what is in the book I already have?

Thanks for the work you are doing, Jason

Sean O'Connor said...

The two "Operations" books do seem to go into a bit more detail and there is a little bit more information. I'd recommend the three of them together, certainly.

Anonymous said...

Sean, Thanks for the tip. I will try to pick those up.

During a search on Amazon I came across this unreleased title:


If only I had one and could try out this Owner's Manual on it...


Sean O'Connor said...

Holy crap, I want that!

If you get the Design and Development of the Blackbird book by Paul Suhler, you get a really neat CD that has a bunch of the flight manuals on it.