Sunday, June 3, 2012

SAM Site Overview Improvements

I'm thinking of ways to upgrade the SAM Site Overview file.  There are a few things that need to be done:

1.  Re-analyzing Chinese EW sites to accurately reflect deployed radar systems

2.  Going over everything and moving some locations to the historical section, such as sites no longer in existance due to razing and reuse of the location for something else

Beyond that, there are some things I'd like to do if and when I get the time:

1.  Locating the damn Azeri S-300PMU-2 components

2.  Incorporating more of the active and inactive EW sites in the US and Canada

3.  Changing the SA-2 range rings to a width of 2.0 rather than the current 3.0 (this brings them in line with everything else and will shrink the size of the Range Rings file)

4.  Trying to indicate the actual SA-2, SA-3, etc. variant used by each nation

5.  Putting some more detail into the site placemark windows

6.  Expanding the SHORAD section

Beyond that, are there any ideas out there for ways to further improve the file?  If you've got suggestions, throw 'em into the comments.  I'll try and reply to each suggestion and tell you if I like the idea and will do it, or why I might not like the idea and won't. 

Either way, the current system has now been in use for a while now, so it's time for a facelift and some general tweaking. 


Anonymous said...

For your collection: There is an active Hawk site at the Dead Sea 31.085485° 35.329022°

BTW: Where did you found the 3rd S-400 at Moscow?
Any Ideas where Syria is hiding SA-17?

Sean O'Connor said...

The thirs Moscow S-400 is in the SAM Site Overview file. I found it checking some of the sites in Terraserver.

I'll look for Syrian SA-17s. They only show a TEL in the video, none of the missiles you see fired are SA-17s.

Anonymous said...

I read an articel in Haaretz.
They claimed two SA-17 batteries and a third "in being"..all along "the Syrian-Lebanese" Border...

Sean O'Connor said...

Yeah, I've seen the same thing reported in a few places.

I spent about two hoursgoing over imagery near the Lebanon border last night and haven't found anything yet. Part of the problem is that some of the imagery is from early 2010, which isn't recent enough to find them. As more imagery is released in Syria I'll keep looking.

Anonymous said...

There is a newly built SAM site south of Shanghai, in between 2 S300 sites along the coast. Not sure what is going to equip.

Sean O'Connor said...

That'd be an HQ-2 site, based on the configuration of the launch area and the presence of six revetments for the single-rail launchers.

Not sure if the entire site is new, the launch area seems older than the facilities. Might be an old HQ-2 site that they're repurposing for a newer system.

Anonymous said...

The site is for sam regiment of shanghai reserved force.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sean:

according to this site:

The third post on 15 marzec 2009 17:06 says, that on this location there is an EW garrison.

54° 7'26.48"N 20°32'49.73"E

Anonymous said...

I have also found something interesting here:

42°41'18.16"N 21° 8'6.30"E

Pull back the timeline and you will see.

Anonymous said...

Sean O'Connor said...

Good stuff. I was invited to present at a similar conference there last year. Good times!

Anonymous said...

A little of topic but can anyone read Farsi? Possibly Arabic.
Loacted on a roof at 38 00'45.92"N 46 06'49.00"E. It's probably the name of a company.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.