Friday, March 18, 2011

Libyan No-Fly Zone

Apparently, I seem to have once again been useful. Back in 2010, I wrote about Libya's SAM Network. Over the past week or so media outlets all over the world have picked it up as a source regarding the then-potential UN No-FLy Zone. One reader even noticed it mentioned live on the air on Al Jazeera. In light of the fact that there aren't any other significant references out there yet, I'm working on something which will be posted here later Friday (much later, it's almost 2AM right now...expecting to see something in two hours will result in disappointment) dealing with the potential impact of Libya's SAM systems on a NFZ.

This is taking a little bit longer as I am generating all of my own amusing images for this one from scratch. As a preview, here's an example:
Check back later on today (maybe late tonight/early Saturday, I teach Friday evenings) to see what I can come up with.


Mascot said...

Very useful. Thank you so much!

Jason_Lenentine said...

Sean, Thanks for your work. I have been reviewing the 2010 article. Glad to see the media is using you as a source. Based on some of the whoppers i have been hearing, they need to come here more often!

Anonymous said...

Air International (May 2011) has a long article on Libya - you're referenced on page 28.