Friday, May 18, 2012

Terraserver Updated

It appears that Terraserver obtained updated imagery for a good part of the world a month or so ago.  Being that I was off in my own world at the time, it's not a shock that I didn't catch on to this before.  There are a lot of places you can now examine using their online viewer that are not yet visible in Google Earth.  Plus, they seem to have a much bigger collection of historical imagery now as well.

It figures that I notice this right after posting the latest SAM Site Overview file, but whatever.  More updates for next time!  Including the location of the third S-400 battery around Moscow...

It also figures that they seem to limit the number of searches you can perform now.  I've been messing around with the viewer for around an hour or so and all of a sudden it won't complete any of my searches.  Clearly I need to just subscribe already and get the nicer viewer!


Anonymous said...

Terraserver shows a 91N6 at 48.660786° 45.697864°


Sean O'Connor said...

Those coordinates lead to the BIG BRID area of the SAM checkout complex at KYMTR. Anything sitting there typically represents something entering service shortly.

Can't use the link to see if there's anything more amusing on TerraServer, they've still got me blocked!

RAJ47 said...

"they've still got me blocked!"?
How can they do it? and why?
If they claim it is free, it should be available to all including the Best Imagery Analyst in The World.
Please tell us what reasons they attach for blocking you and we all will write to them.

Sean O'Connor said...

Tech support says there are no search limits. My computer says they are wrong, I still can't complete a search. But...I can complete a search using my smartphone as long as it isn't using my wifi network.