Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July I&A going out tomorrow

UPDATE:  the first set of e-mails just went out.  Expect to see the e-mail within the next day or two.

Here's the link to download the June issue, for everyone else:  CLICK

July's I&A will go out tomorrow afternoon once I finish tweaking the book review bit.  I'd have had it done today but I got sidetracked doing final grades for the semester and taking care of some edits to my next Jane's feature covering Russian strategic force developments.  The KML file will be really amusing this time, there are a ton of palcemarks for Libya.

All for now!


RAJ47 said...

I am unable to download the kml file attached.
Please resend.

Anonymous said...

The last issue I received via e-mail was May '11. Is it possible that you deleted my e-mail address from your mailing list - thanks

Sean O'Connor said...

It's possible your e-mail got deleted if it kept coming back with an "undeliverable" message. Or my mail is getting stuck in your spam folder.

Raj: resent.

Sean O'Connor said...

Oh, also, I just sent out the final batch of e-mails. I got sidetracked the other day with the whole "oh crap, need to buy school supplies for Alex" issue!

RAJ47 said...