Monday, July 2, 2012

The Strong Get Stronger

Two recent events significantly increase the effectiveness of what is already the world's most capable air defense network.  Simply put, the strong are getting stronger.

On 28 June, Ria Novosti reported that the new missile for the S-400 passed state trials, and would soon be delivered to operational S-400 batteries.  Whether this is the rumored 40N6 or not is up for debate, as is the actual genesis of the 40N6, but the classification of the new weapon as "long range" seems to indicate that the S-400 will soon have it's full design range capability of 400 kilometers at its disposal.  The "long-range" classification also appears to eliminate a 9M96 variant from consideration, a weapon long associated with the S-400 complex.

While mention of the potential 40N6 deployment has appeared in various sources, an earlier announcement seems to have largely been ignored.  In January, reports stated that S-300PM batteries had completed upgrades to Favorit-S standard.  This increases the maximum engagement range of the system from 150 to 200 kilometers, by incorporating the newer 48N6D missile.  Although still short of the S-400's 250 kilometer range against most non-cooperative targets with the 48N6DM, the Favorit-S represents a solid increase in system effectiveness, blostered by the introduction of newer electronic components. 

As the new S-400 continues to enter service, modernized Favorit-S systems present three possibilities.  First, they can be used as gap-fillers, backing up S-400 batteries uploaded with the longer-range 40N6.  This represents a useful role, given that the 40N6 likely possesses a reduced capability at range to engage non-cooperative targets.  Additionally, modernized Favorit-S batteries displaced by the introduction of S-400 units can be redeployed around Russia as replacements for older S-300PT and S-300PS batteries.  Lastly, Favorit-S batteries, displaced by S-400 batteries and not required elsewhere in the nation, could potentially represent a viable export target for a nation lacking the resources to acquire the more expensive S-400 but requiring an air defense upgrade.  As such they could also be passed on to states such as Kazakhstan or Belarus as replacements for extant S-300PS and S-300PMU systems while awaiting delivery of S-400 batteries.

Regardless of the details, one thing is clear:  the Russian air defense network is becoming increasingly potent. 

Users of the SAM Site Overview file will see these changes reflected during the next update.  S-300PM range rings will be altered to reflect a 200 kilometer range, and separate 400 kilometer range rings will be added for the S-400 to denote it's two-missile selection.


Unknown said...

S300PM series can use 250km ranged 48N6DM/48N6E3

ika said...

All S300V were also upgraded to the S300V4 standard, with 9 additional brigades to be procured until 2020.

Sean O'Connor said...

Ivan: where has that been reported? The DM is mated to the new GRAVE STONE engagement radar for the S-400, so it'd likely involve a far deeper upgrade to allow the S-300PM to use it than has been reported already.

Ika: I believe the S-300V4 program is ongoing, I'm not sure if they've actually inducted any units yet.

Unknown said...

СОЧИ, 3 июл - РИА Новости. Сухопутные войска к 2020 году должны получить девять бригадных комплексов ПВО С-300, заявил президент РФ Владимир Путин.

"Так, только в состав Сухопутных войск должны поступить десять бригадных ракетных комплексов "Искандер-М", девять бригадных комплексов армейских систем ПВО С-300В4, свыше 2,3 тысячи танков, около 2 тысяч самоходных артиллерийских комплексов и орудий, а также более 30 тысяч единиц автомобильной техники", - сказал он на совещании по оснащению Сухопутных и Воздушно-десантных войск.

"Кроме того, планируется поставить новые системы связи, управления, перспективные комплексы разведки, комплексы индивидуальной экипировки военнослужащих", - отметил глава государства.

Именно Сухопутным и Воздушно-десантным войскам принадлежит ключевая роль в проведении наземных операций, в решении задач, связанных с прикрытием государственной границы, нейтрализацией возможных локальных конфликтов и миротворческими операциями, напомнил он.

"Основные требования, которые сегодня предъявляются к Сухопутным войскам и ВДВ, - это... умение эффективно действовать в составе межвидовых группировок, высокая мобильность и боевая готовность", - сказал президент.

Власти собираются выделить на оснащение Сухопутных войск и ВДВ до 2020 года более 2,6 триллиона рублей. Общий же объем государственной программы вооружений до 2020 года - около 20 триллионов рублей.

(S300V4 new units to be procured, 9 brigades prior to 2020)

(Upgrades for all S300V to S300V4 standard to be finished in 2012)

(Older order for the S300V upgrade and new S300V4 units).

As for the S300PM - I am quite sure that 30N6 for the S300PM2 can use 48N6DM, I was told so during MAKS2011 by the local specialists.

IKA is my another login

Anonymous said...

As for the question about the S300PS/PT replacement, those would be replaced with the new Vityaz SAM system.

So you would have 4 tiers of strategic systems, all integrated into IADS:

- S500 ABM system
- S400/S300PM2 integrated into S500 (replacement to the S200 in the long ranged SAM role)
- Vityaz as mass S300PT/PS replacement in their original medium ranged SAM role.
- Point defenses (Pantsir and Morphey systems)

TomaJ said...

Hello Sean,
How many targets do you think an S400 battery can engage at the same time?
12 TELs lets say

Sean O'Connor said...

Almaz-Antey say six targets per 92N6 radar, same as the S-300P series. Up to two missiles per target.

Unknown said...

This is the SAGG limitation I believe. With 40N6 numbers can be higher (prob about 12 targets, as this is the ammount of precision tracking channels).

Sean O'Connor said...

Almaz-Antey gives six precision tracking channels for the 92N6. Don't think I've seen twelve listed anywhere, although I do seem to recall seeing a 9 target capability mentioned somewhere. I'll have to try and find that eventually.

Unknown said...

Shows that 12 targets are tracked by pretty much all S300P fammily systems.

Where did you get the value of 6?