Saturday, May 22, 2010

China's OTH Network



Anonymous said...

Great job SOC
Isn't the russian one a Podsolnukh radar? (so might the chinese be a podsolnukh-e?)

Anonymous said...


The reasons for deployment around the Taiwan straights are obvious, however it occurs to me that the most significant Chinese military development of late has occurred around the South China Sea and on Hainan in particular, is there any evidence of OTH systems deployed there?

Sean O'Connor said...

I haven't seen any OTH systems on Hainan yet, but there has been mention of an OTH system deployed there in a few places. I know what to look for to find it, it's just a matter of having the right imagery in Google Earth to do it at this point.

Anonymous said...


this article said that the one in Kamtchatka is a Podsolnukh (prototype).
and that they are making the first operationnal system in Primorskye (Vladivostok region)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Are you planning on putting this document (and others) back online?