Monday, May 10, 2010

Upcoming Schedule

I think I'll start posting the upcoming schedule at the beginning of the month. That'll give you guys an idea of what's coming. I've started formulating a list of topics for the next few months, this way I can work on them bit by bit and have everything done on time, keeping to my new schedule.

Here's what's coming in May and June (May is set, June is tentative and will be re-posted at the beginning of June concurrently with the first Image of the Week):

May 2010
Week 1: SAM Site Overview (done already)
Week 2: Libyan SAM Network
Week 3: China's OTH Radar Network
Week 4: update to Ukraine's SAM Network

June 2010
Week 1: SAM Site Overview
Week 2: Kazakhstan's SAM Network
Week 3: the Ulan Ude SAM Garrison
Week 4: update to the PLA's 2nd Artillery

Here's some of the analysis pieces that I'll be working on over the summer:
Iran's Ballistic Missile Facilities
Underground Airfields (this'll be a multi-part feature over the course of a few months)
Falcon View

And, here's a list of nations that will see SAM Network pieces done at some point:
North Korea
South Korea

Feel free to comment and let me know what other nations you'd like to see SAM Network pieces published on, what older articles you'd like to see updated, or if you have any fun ideas for an analysis piece.


Cane-an said...

Please add Pakistan to the list as well.

Sean O'Connor said...

Pakistan is pretty much all EW sites, with an HQ-2 battery near Islamabad. Check this out:

Trdat Tiritadian said...

You've heard this before, just pushing for Armenia/Azerbaijan piece they are at the brink of war and it will be great to get an analyses on air defense and even Azerbaijan's strike capability(if you have researched that).