Monday, May 31, 2010

June Schedule

Here's what's on the plate for June:

Week 1: SAM Site Overview
Week 2: North Korea's SAM Network (changed from Kazakhstan)
Week 3: the Ulan Ude SAM Garrison: A Site Overview
Week 4: update to the PLA's 2nd Artillery article

There'll probably be an additional random piece or two in there based on things I've been tinkering with as well, such as a new Reading List, but those are the three primary topics for this month.

I've also compiled a much larger list of nations to produce SAM Network pieces on, and have started a pretty good list of potential Week 3 topics for the coming months.

At the very lest, it looks like I've successfully managed to develop and stick with a schedule!


Dimitris said...

We are waiting with keen interest.

Keep up the great work!

RAJ47 said...

Awaiting eagerly!

DesertWolf said...

Eagerly awaiting indeed!

Is there any chance of an Algerian SAM network analysis done sometime in the future? I am keenly interested in this subject.

Sean O'Connor said...

Algeria is on the list of "countries to do". I might provide a list of nations and run a poll on here to see which ones have the most interest to help set the order. Plus, some of the smaller nations will be combined. Algeria isn't too involved and I might combine it with all of the other African nations except for Egypt, which is huge, and Ethiopia/Eritrea, because I'll do them together.