Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Executive Protection Webinar

A little short notice because I am behind in my e-mails, but this one will be hosted tomorrow.

On Thursday, June 24, Henley-Putnam Professor of Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies Branch Walton will lead the university’s next free career webinar, “Insider’s Guide to Careers in Executive Protection.”

During the webinar, Professor Walton will discuss:
- Career opportunities in the Protection Management field
- Typical hiring requirements and how to better prepare for the job
- Work environment and what to expect
- Performance suggestions/professional standards
- The future of Protection Management

“Insider’s Guide to Careers Executive Protection” will take place Thursday, June 24, from 1:00 - 2:00 PM PDT.

If you're interested, go here to sign up: click me.


Gridlock said...

Sure this isn't just Michael Weston putting something together? :D

nico said...

Sorry, this is Nico, I sent you an email (hotmail) about Tabuk,Saudi Arabia, I just remembered that the Saudis still have Tornados ADF models still in service. MY BAD. Too bad though that Google Earth doesn't update more often, we could verify some of these claims on Debka or other forums easily. I was hoping to spot Israeli F16s, that would be a nice scoop.