Monday, June 28, 2010

Scheduling info and more SAMs

After I posted the SAM Site Overview update, it occurred to me to look at a calendar. I then, of course, realized that I have something of a problem. My schedule is based on a four-week cycle. Since July starts this week and I'd already processed through all of June's stuff, I counted this as week 1 for the July schedule. Hence the SAM Site Overview update. Anyway, July still has a full four weeks to go. So what I'll be doing in these instances is posting something random during the fifth week whenever something like this occurs. Could be a Site Analysis, could be a SAM Network Overview of a smaller nation, could be something else entirely, who knows. I'll pick something when I get to that point this month, and then every subsequent month will have it listed in the posted schedule if necessary.

Also, the next SAM Site Overview update will incorporate all of the old Nike, BOMARC, and HAWK sites in the US that I can find. I know this is already technically in Google Earth, but I've got a few good books on continental US air defense during the Cold War and figured trying to find them all myself would be a good exercise in imagery analysis. Never hurts to keep the chops fresh. Besides, they should be in the database anyway in the Historical Sites section.

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Clark said...

Yeah, I also had to realise once, that counting 4 weeks a month will eventually add a 13th month to the year ;)