Saturday, December 4, 2010

Image of the Week: Rafales

The image above depicts the ramp space at Landivisiau AB in northwestern France, occupied by two Rafale M multirole fighters. Landivisiau is located close to Brest, home to one of the French Navy's major port facilities (and France's SSBN base). Landivisiau serves as the land-based home to the French Navy's carrier-based combat aviation units, with three squadrons of fighter aircraft in residence. Two of these units operate the Super Etendard Modernise, with the third operating the Rafale M. The Rafale series, including variants operated by the French Air Force, represents one of the more advanced 4+ generation combat aircraft currently in service. Current plans call for the replacement of the Super Etendard with further examples of the Rafale in the 2015 timeframe. At sea, the French Navy's Rafale M sqaudron operates from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (CVN) Charles de Gaulle, and the aircraft have seen operational service as part of the NATO mission over Afghanistan.


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-Satellite imagery provided courtesy of Google Earth

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Anonymous said...

French pilots sit hot alert in Rafales. Two days a week. Between noon and three. After the wine. And cheese. They deter attacks from French farmers who are threatened with reduced subsidies and are riding their mules to the capital.