Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Forum Update

I'm going to be trying to revitalize the forum attached to this site with a few different ideas.

First off, the SAM Site Overview and Image of the Week features will have their own dedicated discussion threads. The links will be provided below, as well as in a few places on the site here.

Secondly, every new article (except for the above two features and updates like this) will have a link at the bottom to a discussion thread set up for that topic on the forum.

Lastly, I'll be making an effort to start populating the forum with more good stuff, and I'll be logging in there at least once a day to respond to anything in there. I admittedly let the forum slide over the past few months, so I hope this can help get it going. We get around 10,000 viewers a month here right now, so hopefully we can get some good discussions going and share some interesting information.

The forum does not mean that commenting will be disabled, by the way. Still feel free to leave a comment here if you wish to contribute in that fashion.


The IMINT & Analysis Forum
SAM Site Overview Discussion
Image of the Week Discussion


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